Walter Neef was born In Tanzania to parents

who were coffee farmers. He was brought up in

Stutgardt, Germany and returned home when the

war ended in 1945.He settled in Australia in 1947

and made furniture to make ends meet.



A university lecturer asked him to make easels for

the students in the art courses after seeing the quality

 of the furniture he was producing.



Walter jumped at the chance, formulated some basic

designs and through till his retirement manufactured

and sold the finest Australian artist’s easels available

in the country.



Guenter Neumann took over NEEF in 1964 after working with Mr Neef since ’61.

He introduced a number of modified easels and continued to build on ever-reliable Neef name.

An original example of our No.20 upright post easel lies upstairs at Brett Whitley’s studio museum in Surrey Hills, Sydney - a testimony to the quality of our products.