Ron Ranson


Ron Ranson known for his "fast and loose" style of painting and his infectious enthusiasm exhibits widely. He enjoys a worldwide reputation as a tutor, and is a best selling author of a large number of books.


Big Brush Watercolour: Ron Ranson

With infectious enthusiasm, Ron gets down to the basic techniques of painting in watercolour with his big hake brush. With outdoor locations in the autumn colouring of the Forest of Dean, much of the work is done in the studio and Ron concentrates on painting skies, trees, foregrounds, water and buildings in a free, loose manner.

Duration: 60 mins




Distilling the Scene: Ron Ranson

Ron takes us a step further in the art of watercolour by concentrating on the design of a painting. Working in the studio, he demonstrates the principles of design, showing us the pitfalls to avoid and the tips to follow. Illustrating these points in three paintings tackled outdoors in the countryside around his home near Chepstow, Ron shows us how to produce better paintings.

Duration: 60 mins




Skies: Ron Ranson

Capturing the mood of a sky in watercolour brings a painting to life. Working mainly in the studio, Ron shows us how to paint the many effects caused by cloud formations and weather conditions. He paints a variety of skies from cumulus clouds to sunsets working quickly and boldly with his hake brush

Duration: 60 mins




Watercolour Fast & Loose: Ron Ranson

Ron's painting locations range from the Windrush valley in the Cotswolds to the Severn Estuary and Gloucester docks, interspersed with studio demonstrations. His painting style is fast, direct and exciting and the film covers every aspect of watercolour, opening our eyes to a new way of looking at the landscape

Duration: 60 mins




Watercolour Landscapes from Photographs: Ron Ranson

Ron shows us how to use photographs in a creative manner, emphasising that they should not be slavishly copied. Using a selection of photographs as a guide, he paints a snow scene, a misty atmospheric creek, a river valley with bridge, a town centre and combines two separate photographs to produce one painting.

Duration: 60 mins