Karen Simmons


Karen Simmons, who sadly died in the autumn of 1996, was trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. She was a highly successful painter, author and tutor, she exhibited widely and her paintings are in collections all over the world.


1,2,3 of Portraits: Karen Simmons

In this enthralling film Karen demonstrates her unique method of portrait painting. Using oils she takes us through a complete portrait from posing the model to signing the canvas. In addition, she illustrates individual features and different faces of both children and adults, using charcoal and pastel.

Duration: 60 mins




At Home with Watercolour: Karen Simmons
CODE  VD1019

In this film, Karen concentrates on being comfortable with the medium and choosing and painting everyday subjects. Following an initial studio session of watercolour techniques, Karen suggests the many different subjects to be found in and around the house. These range from breakfast dishes on the table and flowers and pots in the conservatory to garden clutter and a figure resting in the sitting room.

Duration: 60 mins




Flower Painting: Karen Simmons

Karen demonstrates with diagrams how to draw flowers. Using watercolour she then guides us through the many different facets of flower painting - pot plants indoors, and a single bloom, herbaceous border with delphiniums and wild flowers in their natural habitat - she even paints in a bluebell wood.

Duration: 60 mins




Gardens in Watercolour: Karen Simmons

Karen paints a variety of popular garden subjects at different times of the year: the landscaped gardens at Blenheim Palace, an herbaceous border full of colour and shapes, a formal garden with a beautiful lily pond, flowers in pots on the garden steps and finishes with an autumnal bonfire. Skies, water, trees, shrubs, pots, stonework and flowers are all demonstrated with her familiar flair for instruction.

Duration: 60 mins